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Hi I'm Doug and welcome to my place on the web/net. I'm a survivor of ritual satanic abuse (SRA) and MKUltra experimentation from the early 1960s and after. I was born at St George Hospital in Kogarah a southern suburb in Sydney, NSW, Australia which was connected to Sydney University and their hypnosis centre at the time. I have gone through extreme trauma and like other survivors still suffer the consequences of it. Like other survivors my records have been destroyed by hospitals, the police and so on.

I have gone to the NSW and Federal police with allegations about my fathers criminal past including more than half a dozen murders, more attempted murders, rapes, pedophilia, bashings and just like other survivors was never offered any help or support services, was ridiculed, undermined and made out I was delusional. I also tried to get my past out through media outlets but again was typically stonewalled even by investigative journalists.

Lawyers also advised me not to mention RSA to the police as they said I would be laughed at. And so like other survivors, I push on, even when those in positions of authority who should help us, don't. I have lived through the horror of extreme abuse and wish it on no other, especially innocent children. And yet every week I see evidences of it still continuing under the watchful eye of the corrupt obsoletes in power. They are compromised and ruled by blackmailers, just as we have seen with Epstein in America.

What is MKUltra? MKUltra is the Government (CIA) weaponisation of occult practices against the population (think mind control, TV programming etc). It followed Operation Matchbox and Operation Paperclip, two western Intelligence operations at the end of the second world war (1940s) to get Hitlers Nazi criminal doctors who did heinous occult experiments and bring them to the west (including Australia) in order to continue those experiments, eventually under the auspices of the CIA, ASIO etc.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (and women) to do nothing. John Stuart Mill.

On this site my aim is to provide research to back up these claims that are already well documented. I am adding my pieces to the puzzle to give more of a picture of what I like others experienced in Sydney, Australia. Also there are resources to help other survivors get answers and healing of their pasts. I am one of many sites springing up discussing this. Many are survivors of SRA and MKUltra. This site is also to raise awareness of an evil that has infiltrated society and continues to affect too many around us. We still see women and children in particular being abused and trafficked today and this isn't going to stop till we get the courage to stand up en masse and say NO MORE. This has to stop if as a society and a race we want to move forward.

It only takes a grain of rice to tip the scales - Confucious

Every voice and action we can add counts. Is there a cost to speaking up - yes, I (and other whistleblower survivors) know that personally and have had threats on my life, attacks on my financial well being, attacks on my business, on my animals, websites attacked, twitter account cancelled, phones tapped, photographed, followed, repeatedly poisoned and so on. I have lost family, friends and associates and been ridiculed and mocked. But in the process I have met other survivors who understand my past and my pain, have become wonderful friends and together we are forming a formidable force that will not be silenced.

The cost of not speaking up is the continuation of unimaginable evil that too many of us have experienced and witnessed and wish on no one else. So we need to be courageous, we need to be strong and together we have the power to overcome.

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Thomas Jefferson.

As humans we need to never rest, and always believe and act in the preservation of our species.

Here is an overview over the site structure;.

The sections as linked above are summarised as follows;

  1. Ongoing blog posts - here will be articles written by myself on a variety of topics related to RSA, MKUltra etc.

  2. A history of RSA and MKUltra. Designed to give you an overview. This will be a history of the intelligence agencies, cults etc predominantly in the last century so as to create a picture so people can see how our governments and organisations have been infiltrated and controlled by these criminals.

  3. Healing from RSA and MKUltra. Modalities that I have found helpful to navigate my way through the trauma of my past.

  4. Survivor Resources - this includes links to the many other survivors stories, books references and so on.

  5. Researching your past. Its important as survivors we research our pasts. The greater the body of research, the more collectively we can bring these anti human practices to light. For me researching my past has also helped bring me a lot of clarity and a lot of healing.

  6. Typical Cult behaviour and how they operate. How to recognising their patterns of behaviour in our pasts, our families and those we may know. Knowledge is power.

  7. Undoing Programming. Most of us who were abused were programmed not to remember, to self harm or kill ourselves and so on. The programming is imperfect and does break down with time, but we can help.

  8. Dealing with Authorities and how they operate to silence whistleblowers and those who speak out. That they do this seriously incriminates them.

  9. My story. This is what I remember going through, how I got through it and what I learnt from it. Whilst many of our stories are dark the light is far brighter. That we live to tell our stories is a triumph in itself.

  10. Contact.

Site structure